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Florian H. Berndt

Florian H. Berndt is a son, husband, father, friend,

mystic and fun theologian who travels the world

for Divine Embrace Ministries & Publications,

ministering ABBA's love and the revelation of our

sonship and inclusion in MESSIAH through the

proclamation of the Gospel in the power of


Having experienced brokenness and disfunction

from early childhood on, he encountered the

living MESSIAH while exploring numerous spiritual

paths, which  convinced him that the Gospel is the

answer to all our heart’s longings.

Struggling with schooling in his younger years, Florian experienced the healing power of RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) and was able to enrol in a Bachelor’s program at the London School of Theology and  Middlesex University in the UK, as well as a Master’s program at St. Stephen's University in Canada.

Over the years he has been involved in preaching, church planting, prophetic ministry, prayer ministry, youth ministry, worship leading, spiritual direction, and worked as a street pastor, ministering to those on the margins of society, as well as working with people with severe physical and mental disabilities.

He was the original founder of Fatherheart Ministries in Germany, as well as the Perichoresis DACH network, which he still oversees, and is the co-founder of the ABBA Calling community, that helps people to be established in ABBA’s unfailing love and to live as His beloved sons and daughters in practical ways. He also co-hosts the ABBA Calling Podcastalso available on You Tube, together with his friend Charles Slagle.

Florian is also an avid writer, who has worked as a journalist, editor, translator and publisher, and contributed to a number of books proclaiming the good news of YESHUA MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST). Some of his articles have been featured in the Clarion Journal for Religion, Peace & Justice, and he is currently working on the publication of his own books, to be realised in the near future. He has been a regular guest on several podcasts, like John MacDonald’s Sonship Podcast,  Paul Gray’s Grace to All and Awakening with Daniel Lovett.

As a passionate musician he also writes and performs spiritual songs together with his beloved wife Clare, that are meant to awaken people to the reality of ABBA’s love and their identity as His cherished sons and daughters. For despite his academic training, Florian knows that his primary calling is that of a son to his Heavenly ABBA and that it is only through a heart-to-heart relationship with Him that our lives are being transformed from the inside out and we are empowered to relate from His heart to the world.

Hence his approach to ministry is very relational, accompanied by supernatural love, healing and joy, as his heart is for all people to know and experience their identity within ABBA's intimate, fiery, and radical love-embrace.

What other's are saying...

"Florian Berndt is both a mystic and accomplished theological scholar. You will find his writings to be easy to read and full of wisdom and knowledge of our heavenly Father’s true heart. His gentle spirit will refresh you and his biblical insights will provoke a greater thirst inside you to actually know the wonderful Savior-God he celebrates and fervently desires to reflect through his life in this needy world. So visit his website and read his blogs often. They will build up your faith in God and never tear it down. Savor and enjoy! The spiritual feast Florian has spread out before you is yours gladly for the taking!"

- Charles Slagle

Prophetic Psalmist, Author and Co-Founder of Abba Calling 

"Florian ministers from a deep personal experience of being loved by Abba Father. His own walk with God has enabled Florian to understand the pain of feeling alienated from God and the struggle to connect with Him in this life. Florian’s scholarly understanding of the nature of God and His attitude to human beings means he can easily articulate to listeners about God’s desire for them to know Him and enjoy being loved by Him. The life experiences that Florian has had (working in mental health, publishing) combined with ministry experience (pastoring, preaching, youth discipleship) has given Florian a very rounded understanding of the human predicament and the problems we face in our understanding of God. His ability to navigate theology has been of great help to many in making it simpler to grasp and pointing us toward Father’s great love for us. Having worked alongside Florian many times, I can truly say that He carries the heart of God for humanity and has the heart to communicate that love to all he meets."

- John MacDonald
Prophetic Teacher, Pastor, Podcaster and Author at Sonship Ministries UK

"When my good friend, Florian Berndt asked me if I would write something that might encourage folks to check out his ministry, immediately a verse from the Book of Revelation came to mind: 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and sup with him, and he, with me' (Rev. 3:20 ). Because in my many conversations with Florian, what became very obvious to me is that he was...and is...a brother in Christ whose heart has been opened by that voice of God that commands our attention and leads to, and energises, our receptive response. It is that openness that is at the heart of the fellowship of the saints energised by the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Hence I expect from Florian's ministry to have that dynamic at its center, as I am looking forward to enjoy some level of participation." 

 - John R. Gavazzoni

Prophet and Theologian at Greater Emmanuel International Ministries

"Florian Berndt is a man with a clear call of God on his life. He and his wife Clare have faithfully served God in Germany and in other nations for many years. They carry a unique and engaging approach to ministry. Florian is a gifted theologian and communicator who has a specific revelation of the nature of God as a Father and the identity of his children as true sons of the Father that is Sonship. He teaches this with passion and authenticity coming out of a profound understanding of Biblical truth and the development of theology through the centuries. This is not academic and dry but full of life and hope that speaks not just to the mind but all so the heart. Florian is a heart man. I have worked alongside him in a variety of contexts over the last few years which have always been a joy and delight. I would commend him to anyone who has a hunger for an authentic and relevant journey into Sonship."


 - Trevor Galpin

Teacher and Author at TLG Ministries and Father Heart UK

"Over ten years ago I flew from Indianapolis to visit Pirates Cove, in Corona Del Mar, outside of Los Angeles. It was here that Time/Life Magazine came out in the early 70's photograph and report about the thousands of hippies being baptised in the Pacific ocean. It was called, The Jesus Revolution. As I hit the sacred shores very early that morning at sunrise, I cried out to the Lord, 'Do it again!' I immediately heard a very clear response, 'I am not going to repeat it; I am going to complete it.' What came to me was that God wasn't finished with the old hippies yet. I clearly heard the words, 'Tell them, even though like Samson, they dropped the ball, their hair is growing back.' I immediately knew what the voice was speaking about. Like many others back then, I had cut my long hair, went off to Bible College and came back as a minister wearing a suit and tie. During the hippie revival, it seemed like we were experiencing the true ekklesia; but then entered and were formed by organised religion. The baton of inclusion, unity and love, the Jesus movement was to pass down to the next generation, dropped in the lap of an institutionalised and exclusionary religion. Tragically, the places of worship they packed out in no way resembled the original character of the Jesus movement. Well, the good news is the original inclusive baton has been retrieved, and the retrievers of the baton are aspiring new seekers like my dear brother in Christ, and minister friend, Florian Berndt. The encouragement for us all is that throughout the history of the world, the Spirit has always appointed and anointed men and women for 'such a time as this!' Florian is one of those whom the Spirit has called. There are people who only stand in the sand watching the ocean. Others, go knee high. Still others go as deep as their neck. But others have to go diving way out into the deep where few go. 'Launch out into to the deep and lower your net,'  are the words they heard in their call. They come up with buried treasures, they found only in going deep. Florian has thrown me, at times, some of those treasures he has found. He has directed me to the right book to read, at the very time I needed it the most. He has a library of treasures. If you need direction on which way to go, he knows exactly where to point you." 

 - Paul Siddall

Founder of "The Cave" - a community of spiritual seekers - Christian Mystic, Speaker, Writer, Mindfulness Counsellor and Meditation Teacher.

"My friend Florian Berndt truly moves in that unique mantle of the mystic practitioner who walks through the walls of culture and class to bring the light of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) to us all. His blend of transcendent consciousness and practical acumen illuminates and counsels me as I walk this life's journey. I see Florian as an indispensable part of my growth and I am sure that anyone else who works with him will have a similar impression."

 - Woodrow Lucas

Author, Consultant and CEO at Empowered Recovery Consulting 

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