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"Struggling Child,

Don't let other people's pain and their betrayal change who you are. And keep on receiving My love and giving it away - nothing will heal your heart faster than this. If others can't receive it yet, it is their loss. The day will come, when they will see what a blessing you were to them. Trust Me!



(Luke 6:27-36; 15:11-31.)

Sin Is Defeated.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Sin Is Defeated

(Genesis 3:5; 4:7; John 8:44; 14:18; 15:9; Romans 7:17; 8:3, 14-16; Galatians 4:1-6; Colossians 2:11-15; 2. Timothy 1:7-9; Hebrews 2:14; 1. John 2:16; 3:1-2, 8; 4:16-18.)

"Honest Inquirer,

You have asked Me about the nature of sin, so let Me tell you about it: Sin is first of all not an action, but a power that distorts one's very identity and clouds one's thinking to such a degree that it can only bring forth destruction - to one's self and to others.


It is the original satanic lie of separation that deceives My children to live as orphans in this world, devouring each other in fear, rather than trusting in My love.


The Good News is that you don't need to live under its tyranny one day longer, for My Son and I have broken the power of sin once and for all by swallowing it up in His death and defeating it in the power of His resurrection.


Now My Spirit is leading you into the reality of Our victory and enables you to experience the fruit of abiding in My love.


Welcome Home!


Filled with Exuberant Joy,



Abide in Me.webp


"Tired Trooper,

Instead of worrying about your loved one's, abide in My love. The more you learn to dwell in My embrace, the more My love will overflow from you to others and give them what they need. In fact, you won't even think about your part in it, because you are to busy enjoying Our union. Trust Me...


Love Always,



(Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:32, John 13:34, 14:10, 15:4-11; 1. John 4:19.)

Your Needs.webp


(Luke 15:31; Matthew 6:3; 25:40; Romans 8:38-39.)

"Faithful Son,

I AM so proud of you! Even if no one else ever sees, I do. And no, the love, the time, energy and resources you give are never wasted. Consider it all done unto Me. Also, don't believe the lies and distortions, and don't let your pain blind you to the good gifts I've given you.


This is not a breakdown but a breakthrough, not the end but a new beginning. I know you can't see it now, but I AM leading you into a deeper revelation of My love and who I made you to be. Remember: Nothing can, or ever will, separate you from My love - not even yourself! I know your needs, don't be ashamed that you have them. Let Me hold you for a while...


With deepest compassion,





(1 Samuel 16:7; Matthew 6:5-6; John 4:20-24.)


The form doesn't really matter! What matters is your heart. Always look at the heart. For this is what I do.


And don't be afraid to be who I made you to be, just because others express themselves differently than you.


I've made each one of My children in a special and unique way, and each one of you expresses a different facet of My true heart and character in a way that no one else can do.


So let Me help you to see you as I see you...


Love Always,



Lean Into My Love.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Lean Into My Love

(1.Samuel 18:11; Matthew 5:9, 7:6, 10:12-14; Luke 4:29-30; Romans 8:20, 12:18; 2. Corinthians 5:11-21.)

"Disillusioned Peacemaker,

I understand, your are tired of always reaching out to people, attempting to heal breaches and restore relationships, just to be mocked and have your attempts thrown back to you in your face.


Why are some people unable to open their hearts and let go of the need to be right, when you are making it so easy for them? You might not like to hear this, but the reason is that I have called you to be a minister of reconciliation, not them. And it was you who asked Me to help you walk in My love and the joys of your inheritance as My son.


But let Me expand on this: It is not job to renovate the world overnight. All you sometimes can do is hold out your hand and offer your friendship, and if they refuse you need to move on. They will come around, sooner or later, I AM making sure of that! In other words, it is not your job to make it happen!


In all of this, remain open to My love, follow My guidance, and leave the rest in My hands. You will be surprised what I can do, when you hand your conflicts over to Me. Haven't I proven this time and time again?


Always for you!





(Hebrews 12:6; Matthew 5:37;
1. Corinthians 6:3.)

"Frustrated Freedom Fighter,

The reason I AM teaching you healthy boundaries, is that you will be able to minister to those lashing out at you in their pain and speak My truth in love. Without this foundation set in place, your sensitive heart would not be able to take it, believe Me...


Love Always,



Think Bigger.webp


(Romans 8:14-29; 1. John 3:1-2; Hebrews 12:6.)


You've been wondering why so many others seem to be succesful, when all you are perceiving in your own life is failure. Yes, it is only your perception, and besides, We havn't arrived yet! All you need to know for now, is that I've been leading you on your present path, but also that Our journey together exceeds even this current stage of your life.


Just think of My son Paul of Tarsus. Yes, he far exceeded his peers in his studies and was very succesful in his field, before and after meeting My Firstborn Son. But Paul was so far more than just a scholar, a prophet, and an apostle. He was My son - and so are you!


And as My son and heir, you are a co-heir with your Older Brother JESUS, destined to reign with Him in the power of My love and set the captives free.


In other words, you are still thinking too small, through the limited understanding of your conditioned mind. But don't worry, for I AM setting you free from the smallness of your thinking! Just keep walking with Me...





True Faith.webp


(John 15; Colossians 2:6-23.)


My existence does not depend on your belief, this would make Me an idol. But your very existence depends on My life and reality. Remember, faith does not create reality, it discovers it!


Always Your Brother,



Come As Your Are.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Everything is Grace


Everything is Grace! Without My Grace nothing would exist or could be sustained. All depends on My Grace! Trust and fully rely on Her in all things!





(Ephesians 1:4; ". Timothy 1:9; Titus 2:11.)

Reigning with Messiah.webp


(Luke 6:36; Mark 16:15; Romans 8:19-23; Acts 17:30; 1. Timothy 1:13.)

"Beloved Rebel,

If you really want to live out your sonship, as a co-laborer with Christ, you can no longer willingly participate in systems that exploit My creation - and yes, I don't just mean humans!


The truth is, you are all related and the suffering of one body has an effect on the suffering of another.


Yes, I know, there was a time when you were blind to this truth, but the longer you walk with Me, the more your eyes are opened to the orphan systems of this world and the reality of Our Family-Kingdom.


The time has come for you to leave behind your ignorance and walk in the revelations I AM sharing with you.


I fully trust you!


With deepest compassion,



I've Got Your Back.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: I've Got Your Back

(Psalm 1:13; Matthew 10:42; Mark 6:4; Luke 18:9-14; 1. John 3:18; 2. Corinthians 10:3-5; James 2:14-17.)

“Bewildered Freedom-Fighter,

If you would attempt to disconnect from everyday life and become blind to the needs of ordinary people, yes, then I would call you up on turning into a “super- spiritual” snob.


But your fears are unfounded! For I can see that the motivation for your prayers for spiritual awakening is the genuine desire for everyone to come into wholeness and experience healthy relationships.


Yes, I know you have been badly burnt in the past, but I see the deeper desire to join Me in loving My hurting creation into wholeness underneath all your frustrations.


So do not believe the lies the evil one whispers in your ears during those sleepless nights. There is nothing “super-spiritual” about listening to My heart and wanting to see My creation being filled with the knowledge of My love, that breaks down the strongholds of rationalism and spiritual indifference.


I’ve got your back. Never doubt that!


Yours at all times and in all realms,



My Gift To You.webp


(Matthew 6:33; Luke 10:38-42, 12:32, 13:24, 15:31; John 15:8-10; Romans 8:32.)

„Beloved Son,

By simply abiding in My love, you will see doors open in your life that you could never open on your own, and fruit come forth that you could have never produced yourself. All I want for you is to receive My love, so that it can overflow into all areas of your life.

In other words, there is no need to strive or to build anything, for it is My good pleasure to give you My Kingdom.


Always yours,



Freedom from Fear.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Freedom From Fear

„Confused and Fearful Child,

You’ve asked, ‚What on earth is happening?’ I AM freeing you from guilt, shame and fear, once and for all – not to mention your reliance on the orphan systems of man and the judgments that come with them. Henceforth the spirit of intimidation will have no more power over you. Trust Me!





(Matthew 6:25-34; Philippians 4:6-7; 1. John 4:18.)


ABBA SPEAKING: Celebration


This might be a strange idea to you, but I want you to celebrate your successes. We are in this together and I AM so proud of you!



(Romans 12:5, Philippians 4:6)

The Way of Sonship.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: The Way of Sonship

(Romans 8:14-16, 19-23; John 5:19, 14:10; 17:22, Colossians 1:27; Philippians 2:5-7)

„Questioning Truth-Seeker,

Yes, My children will help to set creation free but not in a triumphalist kind of way. That idea is behind every genuine spiritual awakening that has ever occurred ending in religious manipulation.

No, the awakening of My sons and daughters is first of all an awakening to My love and as a result to their true identity. Remember, the glory you are to display is My glory, the glory that My Firstborn Son and I have shared with you.

Christ in you is the hope of glory, not some religious program that convinces you to go out and take the world by force. My love is the power by which I AM able to subdue all things unto Myself. My Son and Me are the same, yesterday, today and unto all ages, and Our way is always the way of the cross – the way of self-giving, radically forgiving, co-suffering love.

The you more you learn to rest in My love, the more you will shine with the light of My glory and creation will respond by waking up to its true origin and identity as well.


Love always,


My Promise to You.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Promise of the Father

(Matthew 6:33, 11:27; Luke 15:31, 24:49; John 14:8 & 23, 17:26; Romans 8:28)

“Exhausted Child,

Yes, I have heard your prayers and I AM answering them – not always as you might expect me though. You see, you don’t need more “things” from Me. What you need is Me! All you ever need is contained in the gift of My Spirit, and I have given you all that I AM.

When you seek My Kingdom and its ways above all else, you will discover numerous and unexpected treasures. In fact, you are always with Me and all that is Mine is yours. So will you lean in and trust Me?


Love Always,


Your ABBA.”


ABBA SPEAKING: All-Consuming Fire

(1. Corinthians 3:15, Marks 9:49, Hebrews 12:29, Revelation 21:8)

"Fearful Child,

The fire of My love is never going to hurt your True Self, for it is born from its very essence. It is only the fallen orphan mind that shrinks back in horror from My judgments and the fire of My all-consuming love, that burns away its illusions.

When you can see that My loving heart is always for you, you will learn to also embrace My fire and like King David rejoice in My judgments.

Remember, I AM always for you...


Love Always,



Be Loved.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Your True Identity

(John 3:16; Romans 8:14-16; 1. John 3:1-2)

"Beloved Child,

Whatever you do, wherever you go, I want you to define yourself as radically loved by Me.

You are My Beloved! This is your true core identity, from which everything else in your life flows.

This means you need to reject all the other false identities that others have tried to put on you, as well as those you came up with yourself - the angry young person, the rejected martyr, the abuse victim, the hurting, sensitive one, or whatever other lie you might be tempted to embrace.

None of these labels define you. No! You are My Beloved. This is who you are, at the core of your being! Don't let anything or anyone ever steal this truth from you...


Love Always,


Your ABBA"

Good Shepherd.webp

YESHUA SPEAKING: Your Good Shepherd

(John 1:1-5; 10:1-17)

"Little Brother,

You don't have to intellectually figure out Who I AM and which doctrines concerning Me are the correct one's.

All you need to know for now is that I love and know you and that you are sharing with Me in Our ABBA'S love and life. Further, the more you get to know Me, the more you will know in the depths of your heart Who I AM.

Besides, I will crawl into any box and walk down any path just to be with you. So be assured, wherever you find yourself, I will find you.

After all, I AM the Good Shepherd. Never forget this!


Your Big Brother,


Our Friendship.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Our Friendship

(Matthew 11:27, John 17:6, Luke 15:31)


Sitting down with Me and listening to My heartbeat, as we converse together and you write down what I whisper to your spirit in these moments, has a far deeper impact on you and brings far greater clarity for your life then looking out for signs and subtle hints along the way.

Yes, I sometimes send such unusual confirmations and other messengers your way, but merely to encourage and affirm what I've already been speaking to you in those times we spent together. They can never replace the actual friendship you and I enjoy.

All strength, all guidance, and all wisdom are the fruit of Our unfailing union. Lean into it, learn to trust it. For you are My son, who has always been with Me and all I have is yours.




Your ABBA"

Infinite Mercy.webp

ABBA SPEAKING: Infinite Mercy

(John 7:53-8:11; Galatians 1:15-16; Romans 8:14-23)

"Awakening Child,

Can you see now My pride in you? Can you hear My encouragement and praise?

You finally beginn to understand how beyond your brokenness and emptiness I see the true you, and I see the deeper issues of your hurting heart - the longings, the desires, the dreams, I've placed within you, as well as the pain, the disappointments and the disillusionments that buried them.

Considering all of this, I think you did, and are doing amazing!

I know you find all of this hard to believe, as religion has taught you all so often, that you should expect punishment, rather than healing. But now that we are getting to the core of your problems, lets no longer play it small and save, shall we?

Creation is waiting, and I can't wait to show you off.


Your very proud DAD"


ABBA SPEAKING: Facing Your Pain

(John 4:23-24; Hebrews 4:15; 2. Corinthians 12:9)

"Frustrated Truth Seeker,

I know and I understand your pain, yes, I see you! And no, I AM neither disappointed nor angry with you.

In fact, I've led you to this place of unveiling and healing. For it is only here that you will come to know who you truly are and Who I truly am.

I AM looking for those who are willing to look at their pain and to open their bruised hearts to My unfailing love. For only when you are willing to look at reality as it is will you be able to become a compassionate healer yourself. Never forget, My strengths is perfected in your weakness...


Love Always,


Your ABBA."

No Delays.webp


(John 15:1-5; Acts 16:7; 2. Corinthians 1:3-6)

"Frustrated Truth-Seeker,

No, this is NOT punishment and I certainly have not abandoned you!

Remember, it is only those branches that bear fruit that need to be pruned/cut back, so they can bear much more fruit.What appears to you as a step back now is actually the means by which I clear the path to unfold your life's purpose more fully to you - so that My LIFE can flow more freely through you.

Is this not what you asked Me for? So why are you angry with Me now?

In order for you to move forward in the dreams I have for you, I had to free you from those things you couldn't let go on your own.

Now let Me hold you and soothe you again with My comfort and mercy. Heaven knows you need it!

I AM for you, I AM with you, I AM in you...


Love Always,




ABBA SPEAKING: Give Me Your Shame

(Luke 15; 2. Corinthians 5:19; 2. Corinthians 1:3-6)

"Struggling Child,

I know you fear becoming presumptuous concerning My grace and mercy, but in reality My heart explodes for joy when you turn immediately to Me, rather than dwell on your failings.

I AM the only One Who can heal the underlying wounds of your destructive behaviour and I don't count your sins against you - NEVER! Hasn't the death of My Firstborn SON proven this to you?

Also, I don't care whose fault it is, all I want is for you to return to My loving embrace. So stop the introspection and trust in My mercy.

In fact, My heart aches for you when you try to fight your shame all by yourself. Isn't that what got you into trouble in the first place?

Peace, all is forgiven! Now let Me comfort you...


I love you!


Your ABBA"


ABBA SPEAKING: Our Conversations

(Psalm 22:1, 19, 24; John 16:32; Hebrews 4:15; 13:5; Psalm 46:10)


Thank you for your willingness to step out in faith and making yourself vulnerable to other's. I love this about you. And yes, you DO hear Me. Remember these little nudges I AM sending you from time to time? Not all of our conversations need to be dramatic and world-shaking. Most often I just want to just sit with you and listen to what is going on in your heart. I know you sometimes can't feel My presence, but rest assured, I AM always with you and I never leave you or forsake you. Even My firstborn Son JESUS experienced the feeling of My absence, even though He knew that I would never leave Him. How else could He sympathise with your suffering? So let Me lead you step by step. Have I not always taken care of you? It's not about grant revelations but about our relationship. That's a lesson even some of My more gifted prophet's need to learn yet. Just take a deep breath, sink down into your heart, and you can feel My embrace right now - and might even hear Me chuckle in the depths of Your soul. For I AM...


Your ABBA"

Hände halten


(Matthew 11:12-25; Luke 15:11-32; 1. Timothy 1:13)


You've done well. Yes, frustration got the better part of you for a moment, but you never sinned and soon enough learned to rest in My love.

Have you noticed how this happens more often? I AM so proud of you!

And do not worry about the actual situation that brought about the frustration. Instead, leave all details in My care and do not listen to the lies of the evil one, nor get trapped in the rehearsals of your hurting heart.

My plans for you supersede anything you could think or imagine - and that includes your loved one's too!

Thank you for trusting Me...





(Jeremiah 29:11; John 21:18; 1. Corinthians 13; 1. John 4:10-19)

"Beloved Daughter,

When you were younger your love for me empowered your decisions and enabled you to follow the path I have prepared for you. 

I have seen your love for Me and it deeply touches My heart, but today I want you to know that even your genuine love for Me was the fruit of My love for you working in the depths of your broken and desperate heart.

Further, I have seen your questions and doubts, the desperate search for solutions, and the deep desire to know and love Me more. 

I AM here to tell you that the time has come for you to lean more fully into My love for you, so that in the future My love for you will empower all your future decisions and keep you on the path I have prepared for you before the foundation of the cosmos. 

I have great and wonderful things in store for you and your loved ones. Trust Me!




ABBA SPEAKING: You're Abundance

(Luke 15:15-31; Romans 8:32; Philippians 4:11-13)


Never define yourself by your apparent lack. You are always with Me and all I have is yours.



ABBA SPEAKING: Your Responsibility

(Luke 6:32-36; Romans 13:8; 1. Corinthians 14:1)


Spread My love, even if no one responds. Their response is not your responsibility. And be aware that there is always more going on than it appears.


Vater und Sohn

ABBA SPEAKING: My Command of Love

(Matthew 6:3-4; 10:42; 11: 25-28; 25:31-40; John 4:34; 6:29; 7: 37-39; 13:3-4, 34; 14:10; 15:10; 17:23; Romans 8:19; 1. Corinthians 13; Galatians 2:20; Ephesians 1:6)


I really do appreciate your willingness and attempt to love others like I do. But you have to admit that it all seems like hard work, doesn’t it? Yes, I noticed you look tired. I don’t want you to exhaust yourself, laboring under a constant burden of not doing enough.


You see, there is a reason your Older Brother spoke about the left hand not knowing about the good works the right hand is doing, and the sheep in His parable not even being aware that they had ministered to Him by feeding the hungry, inviting the strangers, visiting the prisoners and clothing the naked. Because it is all too easy to make a competition out of these things, as you try to prove yourself to Me and others. It’s not that these things don’t matter, but that I don’t just want you to try to love others, but to be love. Because this is who you are; the child of Holy Unfailing Love!


Even Jesus Himself did not claim any of the works He did as His own, but told His disciples that they were the fruit of His constant communion with Me. He knew where He had come from and where He was going, and He abandoned Himself into My loving care with childlike trust. There was no one more childlike at heart than Him, which is the reason He knows Me so well. He knows Who He is, because He knows Whose He is. I AM loving you just as much as I love Him.


Remember His commandment? Abide in His love, as He abides in My love, as We both abide in you by the Spirit. Then, what you seek to accomplish, will effortlessly overflow from within your very heart, aligned with Mine, without you having to prove yourself, nor compete with anyone. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I know you will enjoy the freedom, and you will be much more fun to be around, I promise!


Always loving you,



Be You

(Genesis 1:27; Jeremiah 1:5; Matthew 6:5; Acts 17:22-28; Galatians 1:15; John 3:27)

"Precious Child,

Yes, you've got your quirks and you definitely have experienced brokeness - no one knows that better than I - but don't let this fact disqualify you from what I have called you to be and do. 

In fact, has it ever occurred to you that who you are is exactly what the people need that I have placed in your life? 

In a way, only you can reveal My heart the way that you do. You were conceived in My heart and imagination long before you were born into this world, so I know what I AM talking about. Don't try to be something or someone else. 

I love you! 



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