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Do., 07. Nov.



The Holy Spirit

Conference with C. Baxter Kruger & John Crowder

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit

Zeit & Ort

07. Nov. 2024, 19:00 – 09. Nov. 2024, 21:00

Basel, Basel, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

A Weekend on the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit has been poured out on humanity, awakening us to our union with the Father by the divine humanity of the Son. Holy Spirit counsels, empowers, speaks and heals - but so much more: Holy Spirit is the very life of the Triune party. Holy Spirit is not merely a "divine force" ... Holy Spirit is the Lord, the Giver of Life, who together with the Father and Son is worshiped and glorified. For a truly Trinitarian grasp of Holy Spirit that is both theological and deeply experiential, we would like to invite you to this three-day event in Basel, Switzerland with John Crowder and Dr. C. Baxter Kruger as we explore the often neglected Person of the Godhead: Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit's ministry ultimately illuminates Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father, and the perfect image of our true humanity. This weekend is about experiencing the Spirit's super-abounding wonder and a deeper divine reality than words can express.

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