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Listening to ABBA's Heart

Some things I've observed over the years concerning listening prayer and prophetic ministry...

  • ABBA usually speaks to us in a gentle respectful tone with no sense of rush, hurry or compulsion. There are times when His voice will be a bit firmer to get our attention, but this is usually in the context of us being about to hurt someone else or ourselves and we already are too shut down to hear Him. Even then His voice will always minister His comfort and love to us or the person we are meant to minister to.

  • Urgency and pressure are usually the fruit of a religious spirit or an overheated imagination. The exception is that if there is danger He is warning us of, but even then ABBA's voice always invites to a deeper relationship with Him. After all He is the Master of all time and so never in a rush.

  • Our imagination is like a screen upon which ABBA can project His mind in picture or movie form. If the visions we see are from His Spirit, it's usually one lesson or vision at a time. If we however are controlled by fears, biases, skewed desires etc then that's the time when we usually run into problems and our vision gets distorted.

  • There is never any harsh judgment or accusation in ABBA's communications with us. As already mentioned, there might be sometimes a firmness in His voice, but it is always in the context of unfailing acceptance and belonging.

  • ABBA will never urge us towards violence or division, that goes against the nature of the One Who works towards being all in all. Even if we are called to love individuals and groups from a distance for the sake of our own healing, these communications will ultimately always lead to peace and unity. In other words, in the eyes of ABBA there are no scapegoats.

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